Domain Driven Design

DDD – you know the drill – if you don’t: know the drill!

Introduction materials

Webinar Session by Michael Plöd:

  1. Overview and Core Values
  2. Strategic Design
    (a very good introduction into context maps, also listen to some of the questions at the end!)
  3. Internal Building Blocks
  4. Domain Events & Event Storming
  5. Implementing DDD

Books and readings

  • The Original Book: Domain-Driven Design: Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software by Eric Evans («the blue book»))
    The book is still valid today – even after 15 years. But it has shown that some important concepts are to far back in the book. 
    So there is an alternative reading order by Greg Young: read chapter 1-3, then skip to 11 to the end, then return to 3 and read to the end (yes, read chapters 11+ twice).
    I’ve made some notes for the «what we have learned from the book» video in a blog post.
  • Implementing Domain-Driven Design by Vaughn Vernon.
  • Conspectus – Before reading Domain Driven Design book of Eric Evans
  • Domain Driven Design – CQRS
  • Gist about DDD/CQRS/ES/Architecture videos

Short references

  • Book Domain-Driven Design kompakt (ca 150 pages)
  • Book: Vaughn Vernon’s Domain-Driven Design Distilled (ca. 160 Seiten)
  • Book: Scott Millet’s The Anatomy of Domain-Driven Design (leanpub)
  • Book: DDD Reference (oder in Deutsch auf leanpub)


  • Virtual DDD – very nice website with lots of material and links that point you to get into DDD or push your knowledge even further.
  • DDD Crew on GitHub

Related Methods

Event Storming

Domain Events

Blog Posts



Let’s not overdo this :slight_smile:

  • jmolecules – A set of libraries to help developers work with architectural concepts in Java.
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