Software Development

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Here we maintain an [ ] of knowledge, articles, videos and links related to software development.

Domain Driven Design (DDD)

If you are looking for a software development method that helps you to tackle complex business domains – look no further!

Continuous Delivery

How to live in a world of madness?! Some tips & tricks on how to automate and which pillars you ram in and which you rely on.

Java, Kotlin, JVM, Code

All code and coding related topics. With a JVM focus but there is more (like code analysis)

Onion-, Hexagonal-, Clean-Architecture

Another must know set of properties can be found at (Self-contained Systems (SCS).

Some more good principles to consider would be the The Twelve-Factor App.

Methods and Techniques

What to do when questions or issues arise that are not solved in a coffee break or short roundup. Here I collect the things that help to tackle tasks one might feel not being software development related. They are still here for a reason.

Process, Methods

The agile manifesto
if you work with agile methods, scrum or something similar, you should have read this at least once


Application Bootstrapping (Quick Start)

News, Feeds, Podcasts, Blogs

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