Rust for Java Developers

Time for something different!

How tools map from Java to Rust

working with dependencies and projects, package manager, build systemcargomaven, gradle, ivy
official linterclippy
THE package repository? (for dependencies)Crates.ioMaven Central
official code formatterrustfmt

How collections map from Rust to Java

dynamic, growable arrayVec<T>ArrayList
double-ended queueVecDeque<T>ArrayDeque
doubly linked listLinkedList<T>LinkedList
Max heapBinaryHeap<T> where T: OrdPriorityQueue
dictionary (key-value table)HashMap<K, V> where K: Eq+HashHashMap
sorted dictionary (key-value table)BTreeMap<K, V> where K: OrdTreeMap
HashtableHashSet<T> where T: Eq+HashHashSet
sorted setBTreeSet<T> where T: OrdTreeSet

What else?

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