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For example: is the production version newer than the version on pre-production? Is the application un-healthy because of some other service that is unavailable - because that may just mean to let them know about it? Does the meta-information of our application suggest any actions? Did we configure the application correctly so all monitoring tools can work? Was there a SNAPSHOT version deployed? Is the version that was created by the CI server the one that was deployed to the test environment? Or is there a version gap? Is the test-coverage anywhere near where it should be?

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All kinds of things can now be checked, beyond just a state in a single tool. The state of a delivery pipeline can be observed and checked against our rules. The rules we currently need.


The next steps are on to collect some guidelines to help you orient yourself on the journey.

Picture The picture of the wall with laws is from wikipedia. The Roman bronze plate picture is from Claude. The Codex of Pirates of the Caribbean is from the fandom wiki (remember: it's just guidelines).